Our Firm

Snelder Architecten has built a highly respected portfolio over the years, specialising in the development of social and cultural facilities, including schools, sports facilities, cinemas and megaplexes.


Our Philosophy

We design buildings that allow people to discover and experience intriguing new worlds: our educational buildings kindle curiosity in pupils, allowing them to challenge themselves with ambition and a sense of fun, both in the classroom and beyond. Our cinemas deliver the ultimate movie experience to audiences, exposing their senses – sight, hearing and even touch (through 4DX experience) – to previously unexplored and fascinating realities.

In all our projects, we use our creativity and technical expertise to create purpose-built and transparently designed buildings, with our keen and expert eye ensuring impeccable and highly contemporary styles. We are never less than fully dedicated to each project and always mindful of the project’s objectives and possibilities.


Our Clients