Project6-screen cinema – 1,200 seats
LocationDordrecht, the Netherlands
ClientKinepolis Group, Ghent, Belgium


Located in the old industrial port zone of the city of Dordrecht in South Holland province, the cinema is part of the development of a new cultural and entertainment district. The cinema’s architecture and design are reminiscent of the area’s faithfully preserved port architecture.

The cinema has a strong, symmetrical main structure and is built from solid materials such as brick, steel and concrete. The building has a relatively closed facade on the square and entrance sides, constructed mainly from brick. In contrast to the facade, the building is completely open on the water side, enabling users of the outdoor terrace to have the full benefit of this waterfront location.

The building’s interior provides an enhanced movie experience and maximises the cinema’s dynamics, with the routing and spatial structure designed to facilitate as much interaction and visual contact as possible between visitors.

The cinema comprises a total of six screens/theatres (with a combined total of 1,200 seats) and a waterfront restaurant with a terrace.