Project6,500 sq. m. primary education
LocationAmsterdam, the Netherlands
ClientCity of Amsterdam


A mixed-use facility, De Zeeheld meets a variety of community needs in the district, comprising several educational facilities and community services, including primary education, a play school and kindergarten, a preschool for children aged 2.5 to 4, after-school services and activities for all children (including sports, dance and drama), parenting support services, social services, language and exercise classes for adults, and education for children with autism and children of homeless people.

The front of the building, with its distinctive-looking facade, was incorporated into the new design. The building was refurbished and renovated to match the style of the adjoining new building, enabling its constructive and structural integrity to be maintained.

The demolition of three ‘wings’ behind the building cleared the way for the new building, including the gymnasium and outdoor space.