Project14-screen cinema – 3,200 seats
LocationUtrecht, the Netherlands
ClientKinepolis Group, Ghent, Belgium


This cinema forms part of Utrecht’s Centrumboulevard, which is the main local thoroughfare linking Utrecht’s historic city centre, the railway station, and the sizeable Jaarbeurs conference and convention centre.

The cinema complex contains 16 screens (theatres) with a combined total of around 3,200 seats and a food court, making it the largest cinema building in the Netherlands.

There is a spacious food court beside the entrance on the ground floor, which can be accessed from both the Centrumboulevard thoroughfare and from the cinema building.
The building is linked to the Jaarbeurs venue, which can take advantage of some of the cinema facilities for its conferences and other events.

The cinema and all its amenities are designed to facilitate the perfect theatre experience for all visitors. This covers every aspect from the stylish entrance and the impeccable image and sound facilities, to the best-tasting popcorn.

The cinema’s 16 screens all have perfect dimensioning and layout and are equipped with state-of-the-art digital projection and sound technologies.

To make the cinema as appealing and inviting as possible to the adjacent community, the building is transparent where possible and closed where necessary.
The entrance section below the overhanging theatre and the facade of the food court, for example, are designed with an all-glass front. This gives the cinema a brightly glowing, lantern-like appearance, particularly after dark.