Project104 apartments (including senior apartments) + 6,000 sq. m. primary
LocationRotterdam, the Netherlands
ClientWoonbron Maasoever + Stichting BOOR


Child Centre II, located in the Nesselande district in the greater Rotterdam area, offers a programme geared to children comprising education, after-school services, sporting activities and residential facilities/senior apartments.

In line with the ‘Tuinstad’ concept and the adjacent Rietveld Park, the complex is designed as a fluid landscape structure.
The project covers the entire plot of land without becoming insulating: the casual and playful style creates cross-links that enable residents and visitors to roam across the site without getting lost. There will be maximum activity on the ground floor and the buildings are transparent where possible, linking together the indoor and outdoor spaces, as well as the building and the neighbourhood.

While the four sections of the building represent separate units, they are fully integrated through the use of the same materials, architecture, routing and layout.
The facilities are organised successively by age: from crèche to comprehensive school to sports facilities. Although the apartments form part of the same structure, they are different by virtue of being vertically oriented. The two residential towers represent the plan’s urban aspect.